Sunday, 13 March 2011

3 things that work for me

I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all, sure-fire approach to regaining health from an overweight or obese state. I had followed other peoples’ recommendations for exercise and diet plans to the letter. I’d spent 9 months sweating buckets at a gym 5 times a week. As my weight ballooned to well over triple figures I succumbed to a sense of failure. I told myself I couldn’t lose weight, and believed there was some physical reason why I couldn’t do it. It became too painful so I decided never to try again, and sunk into denial.

getting in touch with something i really want

One day Meyles spoke to me about his concern for my long-term health and his desire for us to be active and unlimited in our retirement years. Meyles touched on something that I did really want. I was scared to try again because I couldn’t handle the constant cycle of failure. However, this time I faced myself with determination and became Cardinal-Cyn-The-Weight-Loss-Detective.

the investigative judgment

I began experimenting with my own health. I began walking and trying different diets and monitored my progress to see if there was any loss. I began to keep a journal that recorded my activity, food intake and weight. When I saw something worked, I tried to do more of the same to get better results. If what I was doing didn’t work for a month or so, I would change the ‘recipe’ and try something new. So I narrowed down the elements of my lifestyle that both benefited me and didn’t benefit me. Keeping records was key.

what works for me

So the 3 steps I still use for my health are:

  1. Check my journal of weight, diet, exercise and analyse the results
  2. Act on my own analysis and record results
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2

I learned that I respond well to protein and very limited grains; a combination of cardio and strength training; and to manage my sleep patterns into a regular routine. I learnt that my success depended on planning, consistency, taking my lunch to work, awareness of different types of fats, appropriate rest and active support from others. I gained a sense of mastery over my own life as I navigated my way through dinner parties, busy-ness, conflicting opinions from experts, emotional ups and downs, and a loss of over 30kgs over a period of around 2 years.

I became obnoxiously enthusiastic about health.

What works for you? Have you ever been obnoxiously enthusiastic about anything? Tell me by clicking ‘comments’ and spill the beans!


  1. As you can see, Cynthia looks like a completely different woman. Well, what can not be seen is the changes that happened on the inside. I saw her confidence return, her zest for life grow, her happiness increase and her relationships with others shine. If you have a desire to change your health, do it. The benefits are greater than you think. Meyles

  2. Yep...agreed...I had to take the bull by the horns so to speak you know. I have the same enthusiasm now for life and feel great. Well done Cynthia...xx

  3. Hi 40ishsingleandstarving! I know we are alike in this - the rediscovery and acceptance of ourselves. It really is priceless. And judging by your photos - you look fecking amazing! So well done to you too! xx

  4. As an addendum to this blog, Meyles took on much of the cooking and ate what I ate, to support me while I did exercise. It was much more than just verbal 'permission' which really is no support at all. I could not have regained my life without Meyles' active support. Thank you, My Love xx