Sunday, 20 March 2011

dear readers of cardinal cyn's blog

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I knew bugger all about blogs and it took me half a day of swearing to get this one started. I’d like to tell you how some blog things work, because I had no idea and thought you may find these tips helpful.

what does ‘follow’ do?

By clicking on ‘Follow’ allows you follow my blog from your reading list. To be a follower, you also need an account with Google, or similar (you will be prompted to logon if you click Follow). Following also means that I will be able to click on your ‘follow picture’ and see information about you. (Similar to how Facebook works)

follow by email

Another option is to add your email address here and automatically receive any new blogs on your nominated email address.

leaving a comment

I have to tell you I get all excited when there’s a comment on one of my blogs! Yes I do! At first it was hard for readers to leave a comment because of blog-speak, but I have fixed it now. You can just click and leave a comment now – if you don’t have a Google account that’s OK – you can make an anonymous comment.

do you want to suggest a topic?

I’m happy to have a crack at suggested topics. So if you want, give me your suggestions. I am certainly open to suggestion although I may need to allocate some topics to the too-hard basket.

thank you

I am grateful to my readers for your support and encouragement. This blog was an experiment for me and one that I am quite enjoying. I am totally amazed that other people are interested! And I’m delighted too. So thank you all.

More blogs soon.

Cardinal Cyn

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