Tuesday, 11 October 2011

daggy dressers

Why do some people dress so freaking daggily (a word)?  

Lots of job advertisements call for applicants who have 'a high standard of personal presentation', meaning they have to look sharp.  But there are some people who just look so... well, how can I put this... so daggy!  And this is not just about job applications, it's about being appropriately presented.
Now I know we are not all built like Elle Macpherson, or have big budgets, but there are always options for budget clothes to dress all different shapes and sizes.  Despite our setbacks we can still make the best of what we have. 
It's true that our personal presentation may not be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about us, but it's an indicator, a door-opener, a sign of respect.  Everything about you says something about you.  It's why people dress carefully and specifically for weddings, funerals, job interviews, and dates.  This is a way of demonstrating respect for the family, the panel, or the date.
I have a sort of vague theory, which is not water tight or based on anything but my own observations.  But it goes sort of like this:  what you feel about yourself on the inside is sometimes expressed externally by how you present yourself.  By this, I mean that your personal presentation can sometimes be linked to a person's self-esteem.  If they feel good about themselves they will look a million bucks.  But if they feel bad about themselves they express their own self-attitudes in dressing down and daggy.
If my theory holds any water at all, then it's not a problem of just buying new clothes or spending money.  The reason why people might start to present themselves in their best light is if they feel better about themselves.  It might not be an easy or simple solution.  
However I also believe that self-esteem and wellbeing will both benefit from each other.  There is always a bit of each that rubs off on the other.  So stepping up the 'looking sharp' stakes could, in a small way, build the self-esteem.  

Any comments?  Comment away.  

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  1. I agree with you. May I also add that dressing well does not mean conforming to a particular type or fashion. You can still demonstrate creativity and individuality without sacrificing elegance or style.
    I'm enjoying your blogs. Thanks for writing them.