Thursday, 26 January 2012

the olds wanted to go to church

The Olds invited me to go to church with them while they were visiting last weekend, so I googled directions and off we went. I know this pleased them tremendously.

We arrived at 11am. People greeted us in a friendly fashion. I had never been there before, and quit the Adventist church over 10 years ago, but the place is just as networked as it always has been!

As soon as I saw this guy, I knew he was the speaker for the day because he was dressed in a suit. Everybody else was casual (see the geezer in the background).

He was animated and loud, e.g.
" the maaaarrrcies of Jeeeeesus!... This is where you say 'aaaa-men'" 

A few quiet 'amens' would be murmured in dulcet tones. 

This girl played the piano beautifully. She has a confident touch, a rapport with the congregation and delivers a beautiful rendition of "Great Is Thy Faithfulness". Just quietly, this brought a tear to my eye. I love singing. 

There were also other modern songs and a team of 3 singers and a bass player (who turned out to be my cousin!) which provided great music for group singing.

Most people sat towards the back of the building. The front was largely empty, but not completely so. Most people were 30+, however a few adult-student types were also present.

Oh, and it's a scientific law that if ever I go to church, a wriggling toddler will sit directly behind me.

This is the view from where I sat.  I also noticed the Ole Lade's head had tilted forward and her eyes were closed. And she wasn't praying either!

Afterwards everyone mingles around chatting. This is where the socialising, invitations for lunch, and networking connections are made.  (Note the time on the clock. 12.35. The preacher went overtime!)

This is a nurse who worked at the hospital where I had surgery from breast cancer in September 2010. She asked me if I was related to Lindsay Sleight (my brother) when I booked into the hospital and she attends this church. She said hello and enquired after my health.

This is my husband's cousin. She is very friendly and social. She is a teacher who teaches a couple of my nieces and nephews. She loves to travel and eat good food.

This is my cousin, who plays a mean bass! And her husband.

So that was my visit to an Adventist church with the Olds. I found the atmosphere quite welcoming and relaxed. The people were friendly. The sermon was (I found) disappointing. I do love a good sermon when it's well structured and delivered well though. But they are rare.

If the Olds ever want to go to church again when they're visiting, that's where I'll take them again.  But do you see what I mean by 'networked'? Everyone is related or knows someone who is married to someone who used to be married to an uncles cousin's grandfather twice removed!


  1. Funny thing - Australia, New Zealand, the US, Great Britain - or Timbuktu - the SDA Social Network is the same, only the accents are changed, lol!

  2. ha ha! yeah, during the 'after-church-socialising' the main topic of discussion is 'who's your family and are you related to...'!

  3. ironically even those of us who have seen through the SDA delusion, are still "networked" into it. I found myself looking for relatives and friends in your pics :)

  4. I laughed at your comment Peter! Because as I was writing the blog, I thought to myself 'I bet all the sevvies who look at this will check these pics out to see if they know anybody'!

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  6. I was doing the some as Peter as I have no idea why... it was the church that our family went from 1970 ...

  7. Hi Reg! You used to go to this exact church? So, did you see anyone you knew in the pics? These habits are funny to see in operation aren't they! But quite enjoyable really.

  8. No I didn't see anyone... but it is the habit. As kids we spent a lot of time at that church... Mum would take us there week days so she could practice on the organ... we would play with our cars etc watching the pool across road being built or Dad doing his photographic thing.

  9. it. I maintain that the six degrees of separation are already at about 4 in New Zealand, reduce to more like 2 in the Christian world...seems it's one on one in the SDA's:)...yep I know a few too....

  10. hi susan. yep, certainly a subcultural thing going on there! that's pretty much the social landscape of australia now - community = subculture. cheers!