Monday, 2 April 2012

growing asparagus

Fresh asparagus has been growing in our garden.

We haven't eaten any yet because it takes 2 years of growing before you can harvest it.

The plant is a long-term one - you plant it and leave it in the ground year after year - for 25 years, or until you die - whichever comes first.

It's beautiful isn't it?

Visitors to our house often ask what that soft foliaged plant is. It grows quite high - about 8 feet now - and the foliage is soft and sort of wafty. It begs to be touched softly with an open hand, like you're patting the cat.

Asparagus can be harvested in the second year. This gives the root system time to establish itself.

In winter cut back all of the growth to ground level and then fertilise it with organic material.

Then wait.... till Spring... when tender shoots will emerge from the ground which you can cut and eat.

The shoots will keep on coming, and the temptation will be to keep cutting and eating them.  

You need to let the shoots that develop in late Summer grow into their full maturity so that enough strength is transferred down to the roots for the next year's growth.  

You can keep doing this for 25 years, or until you die - whichever comes first.

This blog is a test blog about Meyles' garden. Feedback is welcome.

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