Tuesday, 20 November 2012

a quirky mix of graffiti and food in melbourne

A sign makes claims about the quality of the coffee within. After an appropriate sampling, I am happy to report that the coffee was, in fact, 'bloody good'.
Breakfasts in the Centre Way laneway are squeezed into tiny cafes with barely enough room to stir coffee. The atmosphere buzzes as a hoard of hungry patrons find their breakfast specials.

Centre Way laneway at breakfast time. The pipe-smoking accordian player (left) adds his musical lilt for the diners' pleasure.

I now consider myself 'educated' when it comes to ordering lattes in coffee shops. Especially in Italian coffee shops. Lucky I don't drink lattes.

Hosier St Laneway is a cobbled-stone street which has been colourfully decorated by graffiti artists. Access to the MoVida spanish tapas restaurant is from this lane.

This graffiti wall hosts helpful messages which are a refreshingly positive type of graffiti.

The graffiti itself has become a tourist attraction.

Tourists click cameras as they view the graffiti. Much more interesting that the otherwise gray old walls of the inner city.

Mountains of gelato in Lygon Street tempt the passer-by.

Various types of pasta are displayed in a shop window in Lygon Street.

Italian food is the rage in Lygon Street with 'Godfather' movie thoughts mixed with the scene.

This busy Italian eatery hosted a long bar where patrons would sit and eat. Each was served a bowl of spaghetti, a chunk of buttered bread and a glass of watermelon granita.

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