Tuesday, 27 November 2012

buskers and random people of melbourne

Hoop-Girl performed a great act, adding ever more hoops to her routine. She was very watchable as she attracted a huge crowd for lunchtime shoppers in the Bourke Street Mall.

A man sits at a firmly closed church door. Quite a statement.

I snapped this couple who were waiting for their meal to arrive in a cafe.

You are lucky to find a table at one of the De Graves Street cafes. The outdoor tables are covered by umbrellas while heaters help to keep customers warm on chilly days.

This rabbit busker attracts a crowd. He demonstrates great skill on that there gui-tar. He emits great 'happy vibes' with his costume, jig and  happy tunes.
A harpist positions himself in the Botanical Gardens in the surrounding tables at the cafe. His gentle strains are peaceful and calming.

A passer-by chats to the horse-driver until the next passengers arrive on a Saturday night.

Amazing friends we haven't seen for years. How good to see them again.

A stylish accordian player adds atmosphere in the Centre Way arcade for breakfast time patrons.
Hungry and colourful customers wait for a table to become vacant in De Graves Street.

Oooh a sneaky photo I tried to take without being caught. I loved this guy's sense of style.
I've tried to capture the essense of what makes Melbourne an attractive and interesting place to visit. Do you think I've succeeded?

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