Wednesday, 9 March 2011

the Cardinal-Cyn-Button-of-Success

Two days ago I got out my old journal from a few years back when I lost 30kgs. I wanted to see what I was doing then that was different to now. I found a one-page Excel spreadsheet with stats on it that reported my weight, diet and exercise every fortnight over a 2 year period. I seemed to be eating much more then than I am now. And I also had ‘free meals’ scheduled in, according to my journal. But the big difference was the weights. Or strength training. I used to do strength training 2-3 times a week. And it was during the chunk of months that I did regular strength workouts when I lost the most weight.

Crap Diets

I understand the sciency stuff behind this. It’s got to do with the muscles being the fat-burning engines of the body. The bigger the engine, the more fat gets burned. Which is why quick-fix diets are so full of crap because they only reduce muscle tone, and loss of muscle tone only decreases your capacity to burn fat. But these days most people eager to lose weight are more interested in a quick-fix short-cut method, which never works long term. Not me. I’m a true believer that slow-is-good. Slow is healthy and more sustainable long term. Slow means I get to adjust my lifestyle to changes that I adopt for my health which will not disappear in a flash and open the door to unhealthy habits again. Yep. Slow is definitely good.

The Holy Grail

I also found in my journal of 2 years ago, a workout routine I had written for myself using a fitball and one of those stretchy band things. So in a fit of enthusiasm I rolled out of bed and faced the fitball. Instead of the stretchy band thing I used some hand weights (or a bottle of water or tin of nutmeat would suffice). I completed butt raises, squats up against the wall with the fitball behind me, lunges, sea-saw pushdowns (like a push-up from a fitball), normal push-ups (girly ones from the knees), tricep lifts using handweights, sideways shoulder and leg lifts. This took me about 40 minutes and made my heart beat and brought on some heavy breathing.

After drinking from the Holy Grail

That night I slept like a dead person. Yesterday I could hardly move. I felt stiff and sore all over. I also felt like my brain wasn’t plugged in. I was forgetful and vague and tired as hell. I also recognised this feeling from 2 years ago. It’s what happens when my metabolism kicks into a higher gear and internally I know that energy is being redistributed as my body makes demands on its energy reserves. When I got on the scales yesterday I had dropped in weight by 0.4kg from the day before.

Last night I also slept solidly. And this morning I am down another 0.3kg. And get this... I’m awake! Like, alive and alert at 6.02am! I actually have energy at dawn! Holy crap, this is an unexpected bonus! I think I have re-discovered the Cardinal-Cyn-Weight-Loss-Success button. It’s called Strength Training. Yes it is! I am onto a good thing here.

Only one problem... today I am scheduled to face the strength training again! And I’m still sore from 2 days ago!

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  1. this is a test comment, to see if it works, as some people have told me that the comments thingy won't work.

  2. this is a test comment to see if the comments thingy works, as people have told me they've had trouble with it.

  3. Hi cyn I am loving this blog - well done! I feel compelled to leave a comment because today I reached just below my first weight loss milestone- I celebrated by buying some ridiculously price face cream but it was a nice treat - I have 5 kgs to go until I reach the big 70! You are right, regular weights are a winner - I do them 3 times a week to fire up my metabolism and make sure I am burning fat while I am sitting at my desk - I also haven't been consuming empty calories from alcohol which I am sure is helping! Work through the 3rd day pain with light weights it will disappear quickly but at least u know it is working. I have adopted the mantra of michelle bridges from biggest loser - JFDI (just Fu@$!"& Do It - even if it hurts or u are too tired just get on with it!
    Keep it up and keep us posted on your success x Leila x

  4. Hi Leila. Fantastic achievement to reach such a significant milestone! And good luck with the big 5 - JFDI (love that!) Thanks too for your encouragement re the blog. It is a new world of discovery! I took your advice and worked through the 3rd day pain. But not too strenuously... and today I am down another 0.1. So I am delighted the weight is not bouncing back up, but being maintained and slowly creeping down. I'm very happy with that. I'll be watching your progress too with the last 5 big ones... Keep it up. Cyn x