Tuesday, 12 April 2011

finding stuff out about yourself

Photographer: Troy Faulder

Turns out Magda discovered she has a fear of heights. She discovered this today – her 50th birthday – while doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. She never knew she had a fear of heights until today and she made the comment, “I was always too fat to know I was scared of heights.” That’s not all Magda said about her life now. She said that now she’s lost 36 kilos, she feels like she’s been released from captivity. A few years ago she couldn’t have done the Bridge Climb, but the sense of achievement she had today brought tears to her eyes as she realised she feels better at 50 than she ever did at 40!

Onya Magda! 36kg is a fantastic achievement and you are looking great.

When you start exercising and doing activities you’ve never done before you find stuff out about yourself that you never knew. Some of it is discovering a fear. But the biggest chunk is stuff you find out that you really, really like about yourself, such as the constant comparison between your life now, and your life before; or the realisation that a few years ago you never could have walked at that speed, kept up in the Zumba class, or achieved the 5kg fun run in the time you just did it! You don’t realise your fitness level until you go for a walk with someone else who can’t keep up with you! And you hear them puffing and wheezing along and then they stop talking because they can’t talk and walk at that pace!

Yes, it’s a great feeling knowing your body is fitter and stronger and responds to the challenges you demand of it.

Have you worn anybody else out with your fabulous fitness finesse? Click on the comment thingy below. And... by the way... does anybody want to do the Bridge Climb with me?


  1. Oh that is a challenge...I might have to take you up on that Missy! Girls weekend in Sydney coming up I thinketh!

  2. I thinketh I'll do it too! (just as well I'm anonymous)

  3. Righto Meegs! You, me and Anonymous here are doing it! When are you coming up? Anonymous? I laughed when I read your comment! Very clever! But I still think you'd better fess up and do the climb! Yes!