Monday, 28 March 2011

i started a new job today

So I’ve won a 3 month contract at a State Government organisation. I start today. My role is to capture the processes and procedures of a new Human Resource Management System for employees statewide of this Government Department, which comprises of some 140,000 staff.


I went to bed early last night and then woke up an hour early as well. After the adrenalin rush of the trip to Canberra last week for a job interview (different role) I feel like today is a much smaller ‘hump’ to face. I don’t like starting new jobs and being the ‘newby’ in the office. But there’s nothing I can do about that except navigate it with good grace and humour. I have my lunch packed and ready and have planned my day as follows:

  • 6am alarm
  • Exercise walk
  • Shower and breakfast
  • Drive, ferry and bus to work by 9am (today only)
  • 9am-5pm work
  • Bus, ferry, drive home
  • Change, cook & eat tea
  • Exercise (strength training)
  • Telly time
  • Bed by 10pm


OK I have come home, exercised, cooked and eaten tea. I am pretty knackered, but feel good about the day. Turns out another person started today as well and we will be a team, so I wasn’t the only ‘newby’ in the office. I report to a lovely woman who is very likeable. And the job seems good. I will be learning new systems to write with, which is great for my resume, however there’s not much room for creativity.

All in all I am very happy to have this job and very glad to be in an office environment with people contact, challenges and new skills to learn. So I’ll have my head down for the next 3 months at least.

I can’t believe I have do this all again tomorrow already. How do people work full time these days? Comments? Click ‘here’ and vent.


  1. Congratulations on a successful first day! I too hate first days but I soon fit into a routine and learn to function effectively in my new surrounds. I like how you had everything thought out and planned - it helps to make things easier when you don't have to make decisions all the time on the first day. I really like your writing!

  2. Awesome!

    I found it very challenging to return to full time work after having a very relaxed and flexible timetable. The worse part was not beeing able to be alone when I needed a break. I work with lovely people but at first I felt 'crowded' and the work environment seemed very loud. I guess after working from home for 2 years, it was quite a shock! I made up my mind to see this new stage as an adventure - a type of travel to a new place. I soon became used to the noise, interruptions and being surrounded by people. In fact, I really enjoy the company!
    Enjoy your new job and let us all know how you go.
    By the way, I am really enjoying reading your blogs!!!!

  3. Hi Anonymous. I fully endorse the old think-through-and-plan trick! It works with many facets of life for me! Thanks for your encouragement.

  4. Hi Irene. Not being able to withdraw into a safe space alone is when I escape to the loo! Also I'm glad to hear you've gotten used to it and enjoy the bustling activity around you now. This means there's hope for me yet! Thanks for your comment and encouragement on the blog.