Sunday, 10 June 2012

5 things the aunty thinks

Every family has to have at least one. 
We are a necessary part of any extended family, always lurking around, and curious as hell about the developing lives of the nieces and nephews.  We are at every family event trying to touch base with all those from the next gen, sharing in the excitement of being with the family, and discovering a strange sense of fierce protective pride in the family offspring. 

Yes people, I'm talking about The Aunty! I'm talking about me.  

a story
When he was about 10 years old, Jesse came to stay with us for a few days with his family. He was excited about 2 things:
  1. His french knitting - I came downstairs at 7am one morning and there was Jesse, sitting up in the lounge room doing his French knitting!
  2. Delirious.  (It's a band.)  I gave Jesse a CD of their music and his face lit up.  I will never forget the feeling of knowing I had given him something he wanted and was very pleased to have.
and now
And today I had the privilege of celebrating his engagement to a beautiful and talented dark-haired girl, Monique. The whole family is ecstatic. 

So Jesse, this is what I, as your Aunty, want to say to you. So listen up!

  1. I think you are a quality bloke who has chosen an excellent life-partner and I am sure you guys will be very happy for as long as you both shall live
  2. I am so damned proud of you and I have no doubt Lindsay would be too. I experienced a wave of sadness knowing he was not there today
  3. I like that you possess both a sense of strength and gentleness and have the ability to determine when to use each. This is very attractive.
  4. The fact that you have even read one or any of my blogs is of great encouragement to me. I am delighted you are interested in something of my life. I don't want to impose myself on you or cramp your style, but I love it whenever you come here, or we are at the same family do.  I am very interested in you and love seeing you
  5. I hate being called 'aunty'


  1. I'm with you, I hate being call Aunty as well (something about being old)