Tuesday, 26 April 2011

how to get your husband to go to the supermarket

Photographer:  Ambro

Sometimes women ask me how I ‘trained’ my husband to be so wonderful.  It seems like I have a one-in-a-million husband because other women feel rather wistful when it comes to my lot in life.  So here’s some of my tips on how to get your husband to go to the supermarket – a job we both hate with a passion.

Step 1:  Don’t set out with the main goal of supermarket shopping in mind.  Go out for coffee and to pick up a DVD – and by the way, we’ll just whip into the supermarket to get some maple syrup, which is right next door to the DVD shop.

Step 2:  Park the car at the DVD shop (right next to the supermarket) and pick out a DVD together.  Decide to get coffee first, before the maple syrup.

Step 3:  Fortify yourselves with good quality caffeine.  Find a nice place and have a good coffee together.  Relax and enjoy it.  Talk about whatever and make it a pleasant outing for both of you.  The location of the coffee shop should not be further than walking distance from where you’ve already parked the car.

Step 4:  On the way into the shopping centre where the supermarket is, start slowing down and browsing the clothing racks out the front of all the clothing shops, reassuring your husband all the time that, “I’ll just have a quick look....”

Step 5:  Take your time and begin to invite your husband to comment on a particular dress or top.

Step 6:  Agree with your husband’s suggestion that he go to the supermarket while you look in the shops.  Oh and can you also pick up some bread, tomatoes and a tin of beetroot too?  Be ready with your new clothing purchase/s by the time he gets out of the supermarket with the maple syrup.

Note:  This step is greatly enhanced if you can also find a cooperative sales lady within the shop who understands the dynamics of balancing shopping needs, husbands and supermarket requirements.

Although these instructions are based upon my own experience this procedure can also be adapted to any duo relationship where one is required to go to the supermarket while the other needs to buy clothes.  It is not only limited to husbands, however does seem to work extremely well with a husband.

Feedback on this procedure would only provide me with further opportunity to refine these instructions for future effectiveness.  Thank you for your contribution.


  1. Step 5.
    Never let the husbands of the world read this! :)

  2. ...or you could just ask him to go.

  3. I think it is time to put the husbands perspective on a story like this one. What needs to be recognised here is that there are times that the husband lets the wife believe that she is in control. Truth is, he is just building up credit for the next trip to the hardware store! You need to look at the bigger picture. Meyles.

  4. who needs credit, thats crap, can someone please put the real perspective accross.

  5. Hehe that made me laugh, thanks.