Wednesday, 20 April 2011

what i ate today

Breakfast: 2 x Olive Bread Toasted with Avocado & Vegemite! Also fruit of Rockmelon and Pear

Supplements: I also take 1 x multivitamin; 1 x Calcium with Vit D; and 1 x Calcium with Magnesium daily. I only started taking this a week ago and can really notice the difference in an energy boost (not to mention the really glowing wee!)

Morning Tea: hot cross bun (yum)

Lunch: Sliced beef, salad, fetta and potato

Afternoon Tea: Grapes and Rockmelon

Tea: Warm Salmon Salad - Potato, Beans, Tomato, Rocket, Black Olives, Salmon with Balsamic/EVOO dressing

Treat: after tea every night I have a row of Lindt chocolate and a decaf coffee. I took a pic of this too but then discovered I am limited to 5 pics per blog!

This blog is in response to a question about what I eat. Do you want more info? More food? Let me know. Happy eating everyone.


  1. You eat great stuff...because you ccok great stuff...I am so fussy....not at all adventurous..dont eat salmon, olives, tomatoes, oysters, all the stuff that looks so appetising and colourful on a plate...palate thing I guess...who am I kidding....Im lucky to get milk down LOL.....keep up with your beautiful cooking and you will always stay as gorgeous as you are xx

  2. What a great idea for a blog lol. Have you ever counted calories, points or anything like that? Food looks great by the way.

  3. Hi 40ish! Thanks for your great input. I have never liked seafood either and have only recently made a conscious effort to eat fish 1-2 x week. I buy it pre-cooked or order it when I eat out. I usually get salmon because it's not a strong fishy flavour! You know, sometimes I actually enjoy it! And I can't stand the thought of eating oysters either - like eating snot!

  4. Hi Leanne. Yes! See my latest blog in answer to your excellent question: