Saturday, 14 May 2011

carb woes

After 2 weeks of scoffing everything sweet-potato, the bathroom scales have been complaining.  I had a serious dummy spit yesterday when I got on the scales and saw all the hard work I’d done (well nearly all of it) had gone down the toilet.  I work so hard to win the weight battle and so to lose the battle because of eating stuff fresh out of our garden annoys me no end.  In fact, it seriously pisses me off!  Yes it does.

I’ve eaten too much carbs lately – spuds, peas, sweet potato, bread, corn and pumpkin and carrots.  All the stuff that’s easy and quick to cook by pulling it out of the freezer.  So It’s salads, green veg and protein for me from now on.  

Breakfast can be eggs and bacon (no toast), yoghurt with protein powder, and lunch can be salad and protein and tea will be veg and meat.  I can handle up to 3 serves of carbs a day, but my body does not do well with too much carbs.  It just blows up like a balloon.

So after a couple of days of eating well – meaning low carbs – I can’t believe how much energy I have!  I am sleeping well, and I have no ‘brain fog’ and I am so energised!  I am alive!  It’s sooo good to feel awake again.  It feels like ages since I’ve felt this alive and not half dead, dragging myself around.

So today after a good walk of over an hour, I was shopping and to order lunch I went to Sumo Salads and ordered a chicken salad.  As you do.  I was about three-quarters of the way through my $9 medium salad ($9 for a cup of salad hurts when you get this fresh from your garden all the time)... so I was three-quarters through my salad when something caught my eye.  When I looked down I saw a little grub wriggling in my salad bowl.  Ewwwww!!!

Ewww!  So I know that fresh salad from the garden will sometimes have wriggly beasts in it.  If it was from my own garden I could at least blame Meyles.  But to spend $9 on a salad only to find a grub in it is... well, ewwww!!!  So I took the uneaten bit back to the shop and asked for my money back.  They didn’t question it, but refunded me immediately with an apology.  Their quick response made me think I wasn’t the only one who got a wriggly worm in my salad at Sumo Salads.

On the bright side... I am a kilo lighter.  Is that from low-carbs, or from not eating much due to the wriggly grub in my lunch?  Dunno.  But I am much happier on a lo-carb diet.  I mean, I love carbs to bits, but my body doesn’t do well with carbs.  Pity.  I could live on vegemite on toast, but will have to settle for sliced meat and salad for a while yet.

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  1. What? You gave the grub back? Thought you were into the protein now. ( you got the $11 salad, including grub)