Sunday, 8 May 2011

shepherds pie

I saw a Donna Hay recipe today in one of those magazines that come folded inside the Sunday paper.  It was for shepherd’s pie and had mashed potato mixed with cheese on the top.  It looked good, so I made shepherds pie with mashed sweet potato instead and cheese on the top.  

It had the usual suspects in it - celery, onion, garlic, carrot, tin of tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, lamb mince, rosemary, paprika topped with mash & cheese.

I’ve just eaten one of these babies for my tea and I am soooo full!  The recipe said to split the mixture into 4 containers to make 4 pies.  But I think 6 pies from the mixture would’ve been better.

The ones in the square containers have lids that will be transportable for lunches tomorrow, with a little steam button in the top so you can heat them in the microwave.  

I also made a lovely vegetarian sweet potato bake which is just like a meatloaf, only instead of meat, it has sweet potato.  It has 1 cup chopped nuts, coriander, fresh bread crumbs, leeks, soy sauce and 1 egg.  I haven’t made this for ages and dragged it out to use some sweet potato.  It's very tasty.

I heard something about sweet potato today that makes a lot of sense.  Apparently when you dig them up, you’re supposed to leave them outside to sort of dry out in the sun for a week before eating them.  If you eat them too soon they give you the runs.  Ooohhh!!  That explains a whole lot!  

Now for the washing up...


  1. that the washing up of the dishes or the undies?