Wednesday, 13 July 2011

good things about funerals

As sad and awful as the reason for funerals are, they also provide wonderful opportunities.

Funerals are a good reason for family and friends to gather.  Sometimes this is the only time people see other rellies – which could be good or bad, depending on your relationship with the rels.  But in this regard, funerals provide opportunity to be together while feeling a common loss.

Everybody is nice to each other.  Perhaps being reminded of our mortality, the playing field is levelled and everybody sees each other in the perspective of respected-and-significant-other. 

Funerals also help bring a perspective to life and circumstances which helps you align your behaviours to your values.  For example, if you value relationships and wish you could see other people more often, you realise that nothing will change unless you make it happen yourself.  So you get more proactive in your own life.

Funerals make you re-visit your beliefs about what happens after death.  What about heaven?  A resurrectionWill I see them again?  I hope so.  So I have that hope.

It would be good wouldn’t it, if we all lived happily ever after and no one ever died.

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