Sunday, 14 August 2011

a clucking flurry

I have good news and bad news.  Before you read on, you may like to read how to rescue a chook which is an introductory blog to this one.

Good news
The goods new is that there is a magnificent rooster strutting around as if he owns the park.  He has survived another night and was there this morning with a healthy appetite, responding positively to my ‘chook chook’ calls while throwing him his breakfast of oats.

He sports a proud, red comb on his head, a bronze mane, black tail and white body speckled with black spots.  And he struts around making chookie noises that sound like he’s very suspicious of me holding a towel and slowly walking closer and closer to him.

Bad News
OK so the Cardinal Cyn Chook Rescue Service has not been that successful unfortunately.  I have been up there to the park 6 times to try out the rescue skills.  But he clucks off around the kids play equipment and under the swings and there’s not a hope in hell of catching him.

Last night I got so close.  I thought I had him.  He clucked off at the very last second I tried in vain to nab him while he indignantly ran away in a clucking flurry.

Tonight we noted at dusk where he went to roost, then went back around 8.30pm to nab him at night while he was asleep.  But alas, it was not to be.  We couldn’t find him.  Either he’s already been rescued by the Cardinal-Cyn-Chook-Rescue-Service competition, or he’s been pretty smart and changed his roost.

He’s clucked off somewhere.  

We will of course monitor the rooster situation in the park over the next few days and if there’s anything else to report I will blog again.

In the meantime, happy clucking everyone.

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