Monday, 1 August 2011

interview with myself

1.        Have you ever been in love but tried to deny it?
No.  I don’t have the ability to feel something deeply and not express it one way or another.  It does my head in if I try.

2.       Someone throws a party in your honour. The only guests are your past lovers. Your current spouse or significant other is cool with this. They ask you to speak and say something good about those assembled. Would there be someone there you could not say something good about?
Mmmm.  I could say nice things about them all.  I’d be curious as hell to meet them again, but would definitely feel weird to be a room with past flames.  Feeling a sudden illness and staying home on the night might be an option.

3.        How long can you go without your cell phone? Do you own a so-called “smart phone”?
I so need to upgrade my current phone. However email, facebook and blogging need to be regular and frequent.

4.        Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
Any hurdle can be overcome given the right circumstances. And this of course would be the preferred outcome.  So I believe in second chances in theory.  It also depends on the seriousness of the crime and the sincerity of the other involved. 

5.       Would you rather spend a whole day with your mom or your dad? (If either or both have passed, answer as if they’re alive.)
I did this just yesterday.  I like being with them both together.  I love visiting them.  Every so often we drive down to Sydney on a Saturday afternoon to visit them and stay overnight.  Then on Sunday morning we go to the markets to buy fresh fruit and veg with them.  About 3pm we take off for home again.  We don’t plan any special event or  anything, we just enjoy being together and catching up.  We usually do a lot of laughing and bantering.  We sit and watch telly, and just do ordinary things together.  It’s very special time.

6.       Tell us one thing about your first boyfriend or girlfriend.
Are you serious?  We’re talking over 20 years ago.  Do you really care?  What about I tell you what a fabulous husband I have.  We’ve been married nearly 24 years.  We have the absolute bestest marriage.  We are deliriously in love and it just gets better and better.  He is my best friend.  I know I am totally loved, accepted and understood.  I cannot say how valuable this relationship is.  I am very proud of Meyles.  He is such a good husband, I think I will keep him!  Yes I will!

7.       Has an ex ever written something about you on facebook or their blog that was nasty about you?

8.       What was the last thing you borrowed and never returned?
I borrowed a Tupperware container from my sister in law. I have it ready to return, but haven’t seen her to return it. She lives an hours’ drive away, so it can wait till the next family gathering.

9.        Who is someone famous that you’ve met?
I don’t think I’ve met anybody famous.  But if I had the chance, I’d like to do coffee with Dr Phil.  Oh and Ahn Do, author of The Happiest Refugee.

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  1. No. I don’t have the ability to feel something deeply and not express it one way or another. It does my head in if I try.
    I agree. my words and my body will betray me every time... but it doesn't stop me from trying, haha! Yeah, I'm stupid...

    He is such a good husband, I think I will keep him! Yes I will!
    ::envy:: ... I mean, um, good for you! ::secret envy::

    thanks for blessing my page!