Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Meyles' Garden

There is nothing more pleasurable than walking out into the garden, picking your lunch, then eating it straight away.  (Meyles)

lettuce, spinach, herbs, spuds, carrots, broccoli, snow peas

Meyles’ vegie garden is the equivalent of a ‘blokey shed’.  Meyles must, must, MUST grow stuff.  It’s something he has to do for his wellbeing.  Not too many days pass without him doing something in it.  

At times, when rain drags on for weeks, Meyles can be seen standing wistfully at the window watching his garden, longing for the day he can dig his fingers into the soil again, commenting on how the peas are responding to the rain and when we can expect to eat the beetroot.

My job
As the wife, it’s my job to stay in bed on weekends while he gets up early and gets out in the garden.  Then I am required to admire his handiwork at the end of the day, or perhaps discuss where to plant the grapevines.  It’s a tough job for a wife!

a full garden tea (except lamb)
fresh figs
hydroponic lettuce

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