Sunday, 23 October 2011

the last supper

It’s the last night of freedom before we both face work again.  Major downer :(  So to cheer ourselves up, we made a Jamie tea:)

Catherine Wheel Sausage:  buy a string of good quality snags, untwist and push the meat together, wind it up & secure with skewers, stick fresh sage in the gaps, season & grill
 Horseradish Mash:  mashed potato with horseradish cream mixed in for a kick
 Apple Salad: the bottom layer has ryvita bits spread with creamed cheese, lemon zest, apple and lettuce
 Sage & Leek Gravy:  made with sage, leek and cider and thickened with flour
 Stuffed Apples:  the stuffing is delicious – egg, almonds, apricots & sugar.  These were cooked in the microwave and browned off under the grill when the sausage was finished being grilled. 

This recipe comes from Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals book – the best recipe book I have ever owned.  It's called “30 Minute Meals” because of the time it’s supposed to take to prepare the meals.  Ahem… errr… it took Meyles and I 50 minutes from scratch.  But even so, we’re happy with that.  Next time it will be quicker, because we won’t have to keep checking the book every 5 seconds.

I love this book because the meals in them are full of flavour and puts combinations of food together which are delicious.  If you haven’t already got this book, then do yourself a favour!

Be warned though - the kitchen ends up a freaking mess!!

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