Monday, 19 December 2011

tis the night before christmas

Tis the week before Christmas, and all through the ‘hood
The smell of great cooking is smelling so good
The washing is hung on the line outside
In hopes that the rain will soon subside
The cat is sprawled in his favourite chair
Unalarmed by the kookaburra’s call in the air
And Meyles in his sunscreen and sensible hat
Is tending the veggies to make them grow fat
The neighbours have put their Christmas lights on
And pressure to conform is second to none
Theirs twinkle and blink with syncopated passion
While ours sort of cough in a half working fashion
Our neighbours are louder and friendlier now
And we’ve scored some invites to barbies and chow
The Olds are coming in a while to stay
I’ll make up the bed in the spare room today
The Ole Lade will drink coffee and fall asleep in a chair
While Bull will watch cricket and get the TV to blare
We’ll meet at The Swamp for Christmas Day lunch
I’m making a salad with lots of nut crunch
Cooby’s made pudding with sixpence money pieces
And trifle and ginger balls will arrive with the nieces
We’ll swap gifts together and share some cheer
And miss those who couldn’t make it this year
We’ll eat till we’re nearly ready to burst
But not without singing grace together first
So have a good time with your family and kin
And a safe and merry Christmas from Cardinal Cyn

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