Monday, 2 January 2012

the light at the end of the cycling tunnel

ready to start!

The tow-ball has arrived
It’s only taken 3 years.  This had nothing to do with my constant pleas to get a tow-ball so we could attach the bike-rack and transport our pushbikes to wonderful bike tracks.  But it did have everything to do with the fact that Meyles wanted to hire a trailer (for one lousy day) over year end so he could do a job in the garden.

Whatever.  We now have lift-off!

Stockton bike track 
We launched onto the Stockton bike track on the weekend.  It’s beautifully situated along the waters’ edge and took us about half an hour in one direction.  Just enough time to get to Lexie’s On the Beach for a couple of their bracing long blacks, before plotting an alternative route back to the car.

I have never seen so many people swanning around, 3-abreast right across the path, with dogs off leads, sniffing and cocking legs everywhere.  It was not a ride we could relax into or get a rhythm going, because the bell on my bike might as well have been made out of terry towelling and the locals have not yet learnt to use the track in such a way that everybody can enjoy it.

But it’s still a great track and would be worthwhile for another ride at a time when it’s not so populated by a plethora of untethered canines.

this morning on the grahamstown track

Grahamstown Dam bike track 
This track was discovered quite by chance as we were driving past yesterday and noticed a bike track snaking along through the trees and along the dam edge that went for miles.  The whole time (about an hour) we saw less than 6 people – 3 of them on bikes themselves.  We saw kangaroos and lots of water birds including black swan, cormorants, musk ducks (one was displaying), great egret and the usual wrens, pied butcherbirds and magpies.

We were so delighted with this discovery that we plan to do this ride again.  Soon.  And explore track in the different direction.  It seems to go for miles.  I can’t find any info on it on the web, so it seems it’s not that well known.

Fernleigh track
This is a most beautiful track, but it can be overpopulated too.  Users of this track have been more educated to keep left and keep dogs on leads.  This track is full of beauty and hosts the most amazing old railway tunnel.  Here’s some pics:

This tunnel is 200 metres long - we stepped it out one day

You lose sight of both ends when you're in there, and it has a curve in it

seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

and you emerge into beautiful, dappled light

like they say... there's no app for this

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