Thursday, 12 July 2012

weird food combos

Ever since I was a kid I have eaten avocado & vegemite on toast with salt and pepper.  Ho yes!  I thought it was normal, that everybody ate avocado and vegemite on toast.  But it seems evident that it does actually fall into the ‘Weird Food Combo’ category.

I once met a guy who liked tomato sauce on his breakfast cereal.  Ewww!  But weird food combinations can sometimes run in families.  And you don’t realise they’re weird because you’ve been eating it all your life and it seems normal.  Until someone else reacts to the idea.

This here to the right is an Avocado Smoothie. Yes folks, it is delicious. Made with fresh avocado, banana, honey and enough water to make it tulupsty. Top with cinnamon. It's fantastic.

Lots of people are shocked at my love of salted chocolate.  It’s a very ‘now’ thing.  But until you’ve tried it…  That reminds me, I must chase up Lindt for pinching my idea and making a salted chocolate block.  It’s fabulous.  But they must’ve gotten the idea from yours truly!

A week ago we were sitting around with some of the Meyles clan, talking about all the Dutch bickies and cakey things the Dutchies do really well.  They use a spice mix called Speculaas (speckle-ass) in their cooking, and when you buy speculaas bickies they are a biscuit with lots of flavour and crunch. Turns out Meyles and his brothers and sister all admitted to loving speculaas bickie sandwiches with lots of butter! Who would have thought? 

The Dutchies also make the most wonderful Salty Licorice – a strong, hard, licorice which is very salty. An acquired taste for sure. In fact, I love that too. 

What are the weird food combos you’ve had, or heard of?  Come on, people. Tell us your faves and gross us all out.


  1. Avocado and rice mashed together with some salt and lemon.
    Toast with peanut butter, banana and honey.
    Frozen pastry sheet drizzled with honey and zapped in the microwave for 3 minutes.



  2. Yep. Definitely weird food combos happening there, Irene! Actually, they sounds pretty good to me. Will have to try the pastry in the microwave trick. C