Saturday, 11 August 2012

the new toy

Hello people. Things have been quiet in blogland recently because I have a new toy. A new kitchen toy. Ho yes. I find that instead of slumping on the lounge every night to watch telly, I am in the kitchen whipping up some new creation. And it's working its magic not just on me - but Meyles too! Yes. We are taking it in turns to use it. 

Here it is in it's full glory - a brilliant piece of quality German engineering, which replaces about 10 different appliances that I now will never use again, because now we have a new Thermomix.What did I ever do without it?

Why is it so?
Because it weighs, chops, whips, grates, blitzes and cooks in the same bowl. 

Soups are a piece of cake. Chuck in the stuff, chop by pressing a button, and cook by pressing another button. All done and dusted in one bowl. 
Bread? Ho yes. We've made roti, pizza bases, scones, pastry - although in these cases I have used the oven or frypan to cook. 
Cake. Last night we made a weird but wonderful Red Bean Chocolate cake (would you believe). Today I've made boiled orange cake. 
Stroganov. Last night Meyles cooked beef stroganov - chopped up stuff and cooked in the same bowl.
Lemonade. Fresh. 
Vegetable Stock. 
Lentil curry. 
Orange marmalade. 

For tea tonight we're having mushroom soup with a few garden greens and asian chicken balls on the side. Oh, and did I mention I made cheese souffle for breakfast today?

We are both delighted with the new toy. And so we should be, as it costs a freaking fortune. But if it helps us eat better, quicker, healthier, with more food options, then I say bring it on.

Anyone have any recipes they think would go well in this baby?


  1. Freaking expensive is the word, for that price I'd expect a steering wheel & three pedals, lol.

    1. ah Nev, I can't stop laughing at your reaction! Great to hear from you. Hope all is well in Nev-land. C

  2. I have heard they make good fudge.

    1. well, Anonymous, we'll have to see about that!