Saturday, 3 November 2012

on being well hung

Why can't men some people ever hang clothes on the line the right way? I mean, it's obvious isn't it - you put the big stuff at the back so it doesn't cast shade over everything else. 

not like this
Granted, there are exceptions to the rules, depending on weather, article of clothing and minimising ironing. But apart from the exceptions, here are the rules, once and for all, on how to hang clothes on the line. For men some people:

how to hang clothes on the freaking line
1.  Big stuff like sheets, goes at the back, not the front. If you put them in the front, everything else will be in shade and take longer to dry. Everything must be done decently and in order.

pegs on seams

2.  Put small things at the front - but not my undies. (Some might argue they're big things but we won't go there!) We want to avoid showing off undies to anybody. However my nice nightie with the lace and strappy numbers, doesn't fit that category. They are OK to hang at the front, along with any of my lacy black bras.

3.  About socks. Try to put all the socks together. In fact, they can hide my undies on the row behind quite effectively. 

4.  Use the line space wisely. Don't leave huge gaps at the end of a row which doesn't leave enough space to hang anything else on that bit of line.

5.  Try not to put pegs in places where you will notice 'peg-marks' when wearing that thing. This cuts down on ironing which is extremely important. Avoid shoulders and use underarms or the upside-down theme where appropriate. If you must hang by the shoulders, try to put the peg on a seam, so the mark is less obvious. 

If in doubt about what's appropriate, just ask. You can be sure I will tell you the right way to do it!

So. Follow the rules, people, and you will always be...
well hung!

The author reserves the right to change the rules at any time without consultation or explanation.


  1. Yes! I am an inside undie hanger (and always drape a bra from the middle, never peg from the end).
    I do iron (a lot) but am also fussy about peg marks. I try and fold as I take stuff off the line to decrease a bit too.

    When my babies were even smaller my Mum would often hang the washing out for me. SO kind, but she never did it quite the way I wanted. Recently I had a friend standing chatting whilst I was hanging out. She said, shall I give you a hand. Me: ah er um. She laughed - yeah I thought you might be one of those people...I'll talk and leave you to do it.

  2. Great to hear from you again, Susan-Fellow-Inside-Undie-Hanger! I laughed out loud when I read your comment. It seems this blog has touched a spot with many women - as I got similar feedback via Facebook and there is a great need for the word about proper hanging to be evangelised! Yes, I hang my bras the same as you. Well done.