Saturday, 27 October 2012

mean green and lean

We have been enjoying these fabulous smoothies for breakfast lately. They are satisfying and full of all the good stuff. 
Ingredients:  a frozen banana, a whole apple, 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder, 1/2 cup water and  200g of fresh-picked-out-of-the-garden-5-minutes-ago spinach.  Yes, spinach!  (would you believe)

throw everything in the Thermomix & blitz

now you have breakfast guaranteed to satisfy 2 hungry adults and supply them with enough energy for gardening, washing, cooking and shopping all day, plus perhaps some extra curricular duties as well....

pour into a couple of sexy glasses. you might need a spoon too.  it's the consistency of a thickshake.

take with your favourite person, in the sun, on a still, clear saturday morning outside in the garden

i wanted to show you this because it's so beautiful. this is a crop of onions and just the environment to enjoy your mean, green and lean breakfast in.  
Note:  you might want to just clean your teeth before speaking to anybody, as spinach has a way of hiding in the cracks of your teeth. very unsexy.

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  1. I'm into smoothies for breakfast too and I'm sure to try out this recipe. By the way, your garden looks beautiful!!

    Reallybenjoyedcreadingvand lookingvatbthis blog post. Thank you!