Saturday, 5 March 2011

on failure

Photographer: ambro

Earlier this week I cycled through a bit of failure. It was about 2 things - lack of weight loss and lack of work. A reality check on the weight loss project revealed I had been basically marking time. So all my efforts and hard work had been useless. I had been fooling myself. And as a bonus, my current employment state (or lack of it) hopped on the failure-band-wagon as well, just for good measure. I mean, the circumstances are bad enough, but it's the internal crappy feeling that sucks so much.

What now? Do I want to stay here in this place of failure, or not?

Two options

It is a fact that to this point I have not achieved the outcomes I wanted, but this does not determine my future. What will determine my future is if I stop here and quit now. Then I definitely will fail. So if I don’t get back up and keep trying then I will definitely fail. If I do keep trying I still risk failure, but I also open the door to possible winning.

The choice

So I will keep trying. I will keep going. What else is there? If I don’t want failure, this is the only other option. As long as I keep getting up, I will not be a failure. So it’s onwards and upwards (and hopefully downwards on the scales) from here.

End of week report

I finished the week with 1.1kg loss (I wonder if that's dehydration), and an opportunity to quote for some work which could be ongoing.

Do you have a strategy for coping with failure? Any comments or thoughts? Click on the comment thingy below and tell me.


  1. I totally agree with you...keep going or you will continue to fail. Thanks for your thoughts, Cynthia. I feel encouraged to keep going on my fitness journey knowing I am not the only one that struggles with failure.

  2. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for your comment. I'm so glad this encouraged you to keep going with fitness. I don't imagine you and I are the only ones who feel failure. It's just not something people usually admit to, is it! The good thing is, we don't have to stay there, but granted, it's takes sheer willpower to get out of it and do something totally opposite to how you feel. I guess too, that knowing what doesn't work only narrows down the fields of finding what does! Good luck with your fitness. C