Saturday, 30 April 2011

5 more words everyone should know

Photographer:  Tom Curtis

After the response from my previous frivolous blog about the language and words my family use, I thought that perhaps it was time for another 5 words.  We laughed about the previous words over Easter as a family when we got together, and it stimulated a whole lot more memories about our fun words.  We have fun together with these. 

So now that you’re sitting down with your tulupsty pob pob and bung bungs, take a look in the mirror at your ponky hair and pelchy cheeks and read this blog, you glunkers!

Here's 5 more words:
Muckwow:  (muck-wow) A cocker spaniel.  Especially a golden one.  (Our family pets were always muckwows, and we had one that was friends with our pet ringtail possum.  “Possy” used to climb up the back leg of the muckwow and ride on her back.
Mehmeh:  (me-meehhh)  A female goat.  One of those white ones with little ‘twiddly bits’ (a scientific term) hanging from the throat.  We often had memehs.  40 years ago at least, Bull used to drive around with our mehmeh in the backseat of the car, lift her over a fence for a few minutes with a horny billy, and then take her home again.  A few weeks later... beautiful baby goats would arrive!
Pardwinken:  (Pard-wink-un)  An old codger.  Especially with a long overcoat.  Crossing the road.  Taking his time.  Old and a bit doddery.
Spinny-spinny:  (spin-nee-spin-nee)  A cylindrical device with an internal framework, used to extract honey from bee-hives.  It has a handle to turn on the side and the internal framework spins – but not too fast – and all the honey comes out of the frame and settles on the bottom of the spinny-spinny, ready to pour out of the little tap at the bottom.
Cut-Cock:  (cutcock – spoken quickly as one word, in a short and detached manner) A circumcised bloke.  The original term related to a specific person, but would equally apply to any circumcisee who no doubt would prefer to remain nameless.  Only to be used within the context of a private conversation - not in the presence of the aforementioned Cutcock.   
So there you have the next instalment.  Extra points are allocated to anyone who uses these words in a comment.  


  1. Bohabit (Bow - habit) a particular female goat with one horn, but a fantastic milker.

  2. I can think of a few places that I could use those words, my father in law is a bit pardwinkin and I always thought a spinny spinny was one of those rides at the carnival but i can see how similar they are.