Monday, 30 May 2011

9 easy steps to total frustration

Some days you wish you could press ‘rewind’ and start over.  They start off on the wrong foot and get worse as the day progresses.  Yesterday was such a day for me.  Perhaps if you did the exact opposite of everything I did yesterday, you would have a fabulous day!  Yes!  

So here’s 9 easy steps to total frustration:

Step One:  Begin the day by not getting enough sleep the night before – e.g. eating too much/late the night before, drinking too much alcohol/caffeine the night before, being hormonal, being worried about something, not exercising the day before, watching telly too late the night before

Step Two:  Eat a late breakfast, and don’t eat enough, so you get hungry and really irritable really quickly

Step Three:  Delay morning coffee until nearly lunchtime

Step Four:  Buy new electrical gadgetry which replaces the old analogue device – in this case a new DVD and PVR

Step Five:  Try to install said gadgetry by actually following supplied instructions

Step Six:  Verbalise loudly over unco-operative gadgetry equipment and stupid manuals which don’t include any scenarios in their trouble-shooting guide that cover the error message received

Step Seven:  Scan the horizon for help, then mutter again with the realisation that there is no one to help and the technical support number in the manual is an inactive service

Step Eight:  Stop after half a day.  Eat something.  Breathe.  Glance at the time and remark to spouse how the weekend has disappeared

Step Nine:  Try again the next day to get the stupid PVR to work.  We are still trying!


  1. Shall I send Zac for a visit? I've had to make a concerted effort to learn how to use our tv remote - it was driving me mad when Zac wasn't around and trying to figure out how to record things.
    Thank you for outlining your nine easy steps ;-)

  2. Hi PR! after a week of loudly verbalising and fighting with the PVR every night, we discovered a little cord still in the box which also needed to be plugged it somewhere.... sigh!