Saturday, 21 May 2011

waking up

Waking up can be a dangerous thing to do.  Because sleep might be preferable from whatever you may have to wake up to.  Waking up may be triggered by noise – a bump in the night; the husband snoring, snuffling or gurgling because he has a cold; the cat howling; the phone ringing; the alarm jangling.

Hearing the alarm go off in the morning must be one of the worst sounds of my life.  I can’t think of anything that is a more unwelcome sound.  Yesterday a woman I work with told me she never sets her alarm anymore unless she has to catch a plane.  She says she’s “too old to worry about being late” to anything.  She figures if she sleeps in, it’s because she needs the sleep.  And her work enables her flexibility with hours, so she sleeps when she needs to.

But one of the best things in the world, is waking up when you’ve finished sleeping.  Because you’re ready to wake up.  Your sleep has been refreshing and you’re pleased to see the morning light.  

This morning was one such morning.  I feel great.  I’ve had a good sleep and feel awake.  And... it’s the weekend!  Also the husband has been away for work all week, so it’s nice to have him in the bed again, even if he does have a cold.

The next best thing after waking up when you’re ready to, is having a coffee in bed.  Ahhh!

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  1. ....and the next best thing is...........having the husband make the coffee and bring it in.