Sunday, 26 June 2011

it's a husband's job

It’s every good husband’s job to bring his wife breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning.  Yes it is!  Eggs.  Poached.  On toast with bacon.  And coffee.  Nom nom nom!

Every morning thru the week we wake up at sparrow’s, rush around and get out of the house while it’s still dark.  So on weekends, it is a total pleasure to wake without the alarm (even though I wake up at the same time anyway), lay in bed feeling warm and snug, and even though the cat howls to be fed and let out, to feel in a small way, that this window of time is pure pleasure.

About the cat
If we don’t cooperate with the cat’s routines, life becomes very difficult indeed.  So feeding, watering, and letting the cat in and out 100 times, giving him attention when and how he demands it, is just as much part of our morning rituals as coffee, unfortunately.   He has no appreciation for slow starts on Sundays.

The coffee
Over the years we’ve tried various machines, but always come back to our trusty little Italian gurgle thingy - one of those pots you put on the stove with water in the bottom that gurgles up through the little inner fountain inside as the water boils.  This was a present by my very good friend, PR, who always gives the best presents which are thoughtfully and perfectly chosen.  Her kindness and generosity have provided us with many, many good quality coffees.

Other appointments
In the bedroom it is important to have all the elements aligned – blinds open to see the morning sun, bedside lamps on, extra pillow piled up behind, the laptop, and at some point His Majesty the cat will arrive for his morning dose of attention at which point all other distractions must be put aside.

The morning sounds
I listen to the kitchen sounds – taps being turned on and off, plates being laid out, cutlery rattling and toast being spread.  Then footsteps as my breakfast approaches and is delivered to the pillow laid across my lap.  Breakfast!  I pick up my knife and fork.  I test the consistency of the egg yolks – soft.  Yes.  Life feels so good on a sunny Sunday morning.

It doesn’t get much better than this.  Are you taking note - you husbands out there?

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