Friday, 1 July 2011

good job bad job

Today I was on my way towards buying a coffee for morning tea, just as I received some good news.  I was smiling and noticed other people coming the other way towards me saw my smile.  Although no words were necessary, I saw in split-second facial responses that other people appreciated my smile – even though it wasn’t directed at them, but just because I was happy.  I saw their faces change too – soften somehow, like they were pleased to see someone smiling.

What was I so happy about? 
The fact that it was POETS day? 
A new month had begun? 
Winter is one-third over? 

Noooo.  I was delighted because my work contract has been extended.  Yes.  I won’t starve for at least another 6 months.  And that’s definitely something to be happy about!  Yes it is!  Considering the lack of appropriate work options for me here in good ole Newie-town, an extension on a great job is fabulous news indeed.

The value of working
I never realised the value of working until I didn’t have any work.  Of course there’s the financial benefits of working which are a huge motivator.  But work provides a sense of achievement, productivity, an opportunity to contribute my skills and abilities and have them valued by others.  Work provides an environment where there are other people close by and low level office noise.  I missed this so much when I didn’t have work and spent a lot of time alone at home by myself.  It’s great just to say good morning to someone at work, and did you see that show on telly last night…. 

As much as we like to share the drudgery of getting up early every day through the week and going off to work another day, being able to work is a fantastic privilege.  Live for a few months without work and you will appreciate it like never before.  It gives you much more than a wage.

Awful jobs
Sure there are some jobs that have awfulness about them.  I mean, the worst job must be the poor bugger who has to stand in the rain with the ‘Slow / Stop’ sign at road works.  Or to work in a childcare centre with a bunch of screamers.  Or a cleaner at a sports stadium.  Or the customer service attendant at a budget airline counter during a volcanic ash cloud.  

Best and worst job?
Every job I’ve ever had has had both good and bad things about it.  I’m just so delighted to have a job at all.  Bad jobs are made awful not because of the work itself, but because of other things – a horrible boss, a stressful environment.  I’ve had good jobs with awful environments, and awful jobs with a great environment.

So what’s your best and worst jobs?  

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