Sunday, 3 July 2011

sick sucks

Sick sucks.  Sick is so very un-sexy.  

I used to get sick all the time.  Before.  30 kilos ago.  There wasn’t a month that went by without me taking at least one sick day off work either laying in bed with the remote control, barfing or coughing.  Very un-sexy.

I remember one winter I got a horrible flu and I couldn’t shake it.  It hung around for weeks while I coughed and blew.  Eww.  I caught every bug that went around.  I never missed one.

When I started exercising regularly I still got sick.  For a while.  The flu would interrupt my attempts at trying to lose weight and exercise.  It was a bugger for a while.  But somewhere along the line, the sick thing sort of subsided and went away.

So I haven’t had a flu for several years and can’t remember the last time I took a day off work because of a flu or being sick.  

That’s why it’s so surprising that this weekend I have found myself feeling a little poorly with a sore froat, headache and low energy.  Good excuse to watch telly all day on the lounge.   And we had a whole weekend planned too, which has gone down the toilet.  And no doubt by tomorrow, Monday, I will be back at work hard at it feeling ripped off because I’ve been poorly all weekend.

The best thing for sore froats I’ve ever found is to gargle a few times a day with warm, salty water.  It does the trick, I promise you.  But also very un-sexy.

There’s nothing sexy about being sick.  So thank goodness it doesn’t happen very often.

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