Saturday, 4 June 2011

living in techno-hell

When Meyles took a brand new shirt to the dry cleaners recently, they lost it on him.  Consequently we found ourselves in shopping-hell, on a rainy and busy weekend looking for a new shirt.

As we ate salad sandwiches at a crowded food hall for lunch, Meyles suggested we have a look for a cheap camera to replace the one that recently died – a cheap little digital number was all we needed.

So in David Jones we found a little camera  – reduced, last one in the shop, display model, very good sales guy who spoke non-geek.  We purchased the camera feeling good, and then an evil idea occurred to us.... these guys sell tellys too, and we have been putting off upgrading to digital until we absolutely have to, we still use the tiny portable telly we got when we were married (23 years ago), and here we have a non-geek sales guy who sells tellys, and we’re here, and they are switching off analogue reception in our area soon.... and so we bought a new telly.  In fact, we bought two.  As you do.

And so began the awful downhill slide into techno-hell, folks.  After upgrading to a beautiful new digital telly, we realised our old faithful analogue VCR no longer was useful and so we bought a new PVR.  Oh, and a 3D capacity, blue-ray DVD player as well, so we can use the 3D capacity of our new telly.  Our reasoning was that when we eventually upgrade, we'll get the latest thing because it will be a long time before we upgrade again.  Sigh.  I knew Meyles should never have taken his shirt to that dry cleaner. 

Ever since that day, approximately 4 weeks ago (but seems like 20 years now) we have gone on a steep learning curve about PVRs, twin tuners, firmware upgrades, batteries and glasses for 3D movies, ethernet connections and how to coax the PVR into recording programs without corrupting files (plugging the cords in properly at the back helps we’ve found).  We now have a plethora of remote controls, instructions and manuals lying around, and we are both totally over this technology thing.  Call us old farts if you will.  I didn’t think we were too bad with technology, until we tried to upgrade.   And does no one actually write a user-guide that is useful for crying out loud!!

What did I do to deserve this techno-hell I have found myself in?  I don't know, but I can tell you that I have been faithfully washing and ironing shirts ever since, like a good old-fashioned wife should!

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  1. hahahahaha....isnt it great....I have one tv in my house...its in the lounge room and for all things IT I make the IT guy from work come and fix for me at my house!!! lol I am truly blessed in some ways :D