Thursday, 21 July 2011

the dog ate my homework - not

I had set myself some homework to do this week.  It was to take notice of the things that lift my spirits.  Stephanie Dowrick spoke about this and you can read my blog about that here.

I don’t own a dog, so I can’t blame the dog for eating my homework.  So I have actually done it!

Definition of lifting my spirits:  stuff that is pleasing to me; makes me smile; makes me feel happy and delighted.  Also stuff that is rewarding – not necessarily easy to do – but if I can maintain a discipline long term the sense of achievement and satisfaction is unbelievably good. 

  • Bushwalking
  • Losing 30kg and maintaining my weight
  • Enjoying good food with good company
  • Laughing with my family and friends
  • Feeling attractive
  • Being productive
  • Getting a job
  • Being proud of my husband and marriage

The above examples are all values-driven!  They are aligned to my values and when I feel I move a step closer to a value, it gives me a lift.  One of my values is ‘wellbeing’ which incorporates physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual health.  You can see that many of the above examples are all elements of wellbeing.

The happiness trap (Russ Harris)
If you want to identify your values and learn to live a values-driven life, it will give you a full and rewarding life.  You can read my blog about this book here.

The last bit
We have invited friends for dinner this weekend, exercised regularly, eaten with restraint and been busy and productive at work this week.  So I’m making headway to lifting my spirits.  

What lifts your spirits?  Do you like dancing?  Being alone?  Gardening?  What?  

I can tell you it would lift my spirits if this freaking rain would stop!  I’m so over it.

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