Saturday, 23 July 2011

carpe diem

Hair by Neville Lenus Cooper, Newcastle

Big Nev cut my hair again this morning.  He did a great job of the ‘messy look’ which I lurve.  So it did my heart good, at the end of another week of constant torrential rain which dulls the soul and sinks one into thinking I will never live to see the sun again, to have the most wonderful chance encounter with a friend.

Of course, being the frivolous person I am, the thought immediately went through my mind how perfect it all was – step out of the hairdressers with a new ‘do’ and run into someone you know!  Couldn’t be better!  Immediately I seized the day – Carpe Diem – and suggested coffee.  Stephanie would be proud of me.

Sometimes you just need to connect.  Is this just me, or a girl thing?  And after a week of rainy menopausal irrits, an unexpected encounter with a friend who you are happy to see is the best medicine I could have wished for. 

It doesn’t have to be a long time.
It doesn’t have to be a deep conversation.
It doesn’t have to be expensive.
It doesn’t have to be scheduled.
It doesn’t need any number of things.

It was just about the joy of a happy and unexpected encounter with a friend.  It lifted my spirits.  It gave me energy.  I hope it did for my friend too.

To my coffee friends today – you know who you are – I think you are fantastic and I am very privileged to be your friend.  I look forward to your company all the time and anticipate an ongoing and rewarding friendship with you.  (How’s that, Stephanie?)

But I am sooo over this freakin’ rain!  

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