Friday, 23 September 2011

bees in my head

Do you ever have bees in your head?  Do you ever feel like your thoughts keep spinning round and round – buzzing like bees – and it’s hard to stop the merry-go-round?   Do your bees keep you awake at night?

This happens to me sometimes.  Am I the only one who experiences this?  I bet I’m not.

Ways of trying to calm the bees
Short of blasting the inside of my head with bee-killing spray, I try the following things - some of which are less successful than others:
  • Think things through.  This can cause me to go quiet and a bit withdrawn. 
  • Talk things over with Meyles.  He’s a very good listener and understander – provided he doesn’t try to do the blokey thing of problem-solving on my behalf!  (I need to find my own solutions strangely enough.)
  • Get focused on eating well, sleeping and exercising regularly to help keep tiredness minimised.
  • Hold on and wait for things to pass.
Emotional involvement
Some thoughts are unpleasant and when they cycle through my brain for long enough, I can have an equally unpleasant emotional reaction.  At this point I become aware that my emotional response is not necessarily equivalent to whatever the heck the bees are buzzing about.  I have to be really careful not to act on my emotional response, because when the bees clear and the mind stops spinning, the elements will align very differently.

A new skill
Allowing my thoughts to go over and over the same things will only wear a path ever deeper like wheel ruts being used over and over.  So I try this:
  • Acknowledge what my bees are buzzing around about
  • Acknowledge my emotion and give myself permission to feel whatever I need to
  • If there’s something pro-active I choose to do about the situation, decide if/how I will do it
  • Remind myself that when it comes to my thoughts, they are like a radio that never stop playing.  And although I can operate the ‘volume’ switch, I don’t have access to an ‘on/off’ switch
  • Be careful not to act on unpleasant emotion, as it could lead to regret. Better to wait till the bees stop buzzing
  • Give myself time to come to a point of acceptance, if I need to
  • Become interested in something else – read a book, share a meal with friends
My thoughts are mine, but they are not necessarily who I am

Got any good strategies for calming bees?  What are they?  Feel free to contribute and comment if you want.


  1. Great blog! I sometimes write my thoughts and brainstorm about it. I find the creative process of 'dumping' all the buzzing on paper works for me.

  2. Hi Anonymous. Good tip. The 'brain dump' works for me too - both verbally or in written form. You have to sometimes just get it out of your head, don't you!

  3. blogging tends to deal with my bees. either writing in my own (i have two) or commenting on others. i think it gets the stuff out, but also is a creative release.

    the other thing i do is get busy. mostly my bees are noisiest when i have a big task looming or am feeling a bit overwhelmed by daily chores. i just have to GET ON with it and the bees start to subside.

  4. Hi Susan. Thanks for your comment. I fully know what you mean re blogging being helpful with calming the bees. And I think we must be very alike, because it's sitting around thinking thinking thinking that causes the bees to go crazy! Yes, got to get on with it. Well said.