Tuesday, 13 December 2011

book review: the whisperer

Whisperer = a person who is able to communicate subliminally. 

(So imagine a ‘Whispering’ psychotic killer)

This book, by Donato Carrisi,  is about a team of police on the hunt for a ‘whisperer’ serial killer who kills multiple kids by psychologically training others to do the killing for him. 

The main character is one of the investigative team, Mila, who has her own dark history.  The team is led by a brilliant but eccentric criminologist, Dr Goran, whose personal life is in ruins.  Within the team the dynamics ebb and flow, with a developing respect between Mila and Dr Goran.   

What i liked
The development of the characters within the police team and the relational dynamics between Mila and the other members of the team. 

What i didn’t like
1.    Grisly detail of death or descriptions of murders
2.    Getting inside the heads of the sickos doing the murders
3.    The disjointed climax with significant developments on every second page which were not unpacked in enough detail
4.    There was a mind boggling number of murdered bodies
5.    The attempt by the writer to create twists to the tale which seemed (to me) to be more melodramatic than readable
6.    The way it ended

On the whole I didn’t enjoy this book.  I persevered through it for the sole reason that I am due to facilitate the discussion about it at the next bookgroup meeting.  Otherwise, I would not have finished this book.  I’m glad it’s over.

Not recommended.

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