Saturday, 10 December 2011

check-in 5: eat less move more

Christmas is going to come along and stuff me up I'm sure.  And we have a full-on foodie weekend this weekend too.  So I will have to really pace myself.  I will order wisely at restaurants and cafes, don’t fill up on bread, limit alcohol intake, and share desserts.

Here’s my stats to date:

Overall Goal:    Lose 8kg                 
Current Loss:  3.3kg

I’m almost halfway there!

Weekly update
After a couple of weeks of maintaining my weight, I thought that my food intake must have been gradually increasing without me realising it.  I can eat more so inconspicuously which makes it easy to slip into denial and think, ‘I’m not doing anything different’.  

It’s always about food with me – specifically about overeating.  So I readjusted my food intake and had just fruit for afternoon tea.  And the last three mornings I've seen the scales drop.  I am now 3.3kg down!  I am delighted with this. 

I'm feeling so good about myself though.  And my clothes are all starting to feel much more comfortable. 

Moving more
I have noticed that I need to stretch my calves both before and after exercise.  With my exercise routine of walking, yogalates, weights and stretching, I can feel myself getting stronger.  Squatting up and down to put groceries away in the crisper at the bottom of the fridge is effortless now.

If / when the weather warms up I may even introduce swimming.  We have a beautiful pool just up the road a bit.  It completely knackers me though, swimming!  But I do love it.

Eat less move more blogs:

Any comments or suggestions?  Input is welcome.


  1. Hiya Cyn - tell me about it! This time last year I was 4kg lighter :( It's a tough time of the year to keep the weight loss in focus...

    Having trouble keeping focused - everytime I think about being good, I actually end up behaving even more badly than I was planning too! - self sabotaging! Hoping to get back into focus during the xmas break...

  2. Hey Jipster! Nice to hear from you. Thanks for your Christmas card this week! 4kg is scary, but do-able. I understand the losing focus thing. Once the focus is broken, it's hard to get it back. Gotta keep feeding the white dog. see