Saturday, 12 November 2011

check-in 3: eat less move more

Two weeks into the eat-less-move-more initiative and I am a whole 2 (yes 2) big ones lighter.  I can’t believe it!  I am delighted. 

About feeling good
It’s a great thing to be working towards something of value (physical wellbeing) and see yourself edging closer to your values.  It’s a great feeling psychologically too.  I feel good about me. 

I have more energy, and when I put my makeup on in the mornings I fancy my face looks thinner.  My belly is flatter and my work pants are more comfortable.  I don’t have dark rings under my eyes.  My eyes are clear and I am not tired after lunch.

Eating less
I am getting used to eating less.  It’s almost like every meal I am satisfied, but only just.  It’s a very useful exercise to remind myself about portion control and volume of food which I actually need.  It’s much less than I’d like!

Report request
I’d love to get an update from my eat-less-move-more buddies – PR and Reven (see check-in 1 of eat-less-move-more).  How are you guys going with your goals of:
  • PR – losing 5 kilos, 20 pushups, fitter by forty
  • Reven – reduce in-between-meal snacking
Readers request
A big thanks to Jono and Sags who provided info on Facebook about snacks.  Really good.  Any comments and suggestions are most welcome and encouraged, and it would be great if they could be put here – on the blog – so that readers who don’t access the blog via Facebook can also benefit.  So.  Any chance?  Thanks guys. (refer check-in 2 of eat-less-move-more)

Challenges coming up
In the next week I have several events to manage, e.g. my wedding anniversary (24 years)!  A night out with the girls at work (my work contract finishes).  And I also have a birthday coming up.  So it’s going to be a challenging week for me to not overeat.

Any suggestions about managing my upcoming weekly challenges would be great.  

Let’s hear from you.  And PR and Reven too!

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