Saturday, 29 October 2011

eat less move more, check-in 1

Roight.  I’m back from holidays and my pants are fine if I don’t have to breathe.  And as much as it pains me to do so, I am going to eat less and move more.  My aim is to move towards my value of physical wellbeing by making small adjustments to my lifestyle which will be embedded in my habits and last long term.  I don’t expect sudden or dramatic results.  Slow is good.  Slow means long lasting change and ultimately success.  Success is when I reach my weight goal and am psychologically accepting of my weight and physical wellbeing.


1.    Lose 8 kilos.  A trimmer, taughter, and terrific-er (a word) bod

cardinal cyn plan

1.    Eat less
2.    Move more
3.    Monitor the results, analyse, adjust and repeat 

tools of trade

1.    Journal – monitor my food, exercise and weight.  I also have an app on my phone which helps with this.  Technology!  So it must be good, right?
2.    Report my results via this blog to keep me accountable.  
·         How often?  At least fortnightly.  Probably more.  
·         For how long?  At least until Christmas.  Probably longer.  Let me just say, that losing 8 kilos will take me a lot longer than Christmas.  But the commitment that I’m making right now, is until Christmas.  This doesn’t mean I will stop doing everything at Christmas, it just means that I can choose to re-commit, continue, or not at Christmas.  
3.    Gain social support.  If any of my blog-readers would like to join me on this quest, or provide an occasional comment to encourage me that would be wonderful.


Dear Cardinal-Cyn-Blog-Reader, (yes you!) would you like to join the masses of ‘Cardinal Cyn eat-less-move-more’ enthusiastic types who would benefit from being trimmer, taughter and terrific-er too?  Yes?  Good!  Then please do the following:

1.    RSVP via comments and tell the world (accountability).  OK, you can still remain anonymous via comments if you choose.  
2.    Identify your goals.  You may have variations on the theme.  But please indicate what you are aiming for.  You need at least one measurable goal, but no more than 3 or 4.
3.    Identify your plan.  This is about HOW you will achieve your goal.  (It may be the same as mine, or your own, or pinched from someone else.  But share it with us in short dot-point form.)  
4.    Do it now.

There.  I’m on my way to achieving my goals.  If anybody else would like to join in and move towards their own goals with me, I’d be delighted.  So come on!  RSVP now!


  1. Yee gads, I could procrastinate for King and Country couldn't I?

    I've been faffing about deciding on goals from now to Christmas, and here they are:
    1. lose 5 kilos.
    2. be able to do 20 pushups on my toes.
    3. Get back into the magic pants.

    In actual fact it really should be by Boxing Day, my 40th Birthday. f(*&!
    1 - Yes, there's more to lose but that will make a significant difference
    2 - this will signify i have been doing my shoulder rehab exercises well.
    3 - A non-weight based measure.

    Motto - Fitter by Forty.

    Eat better. Stop buying and eating food that doesn't help me get to my goals
    Move more (this week has been a good start)
    Do my shoulder exercises and have regular massages/ physio
    Check in and be accountable to myself and those who care about me.

  2. PR! Welcome aboard the eat-less-move-more bus! I think your goals are great - clear and measurable, and I will look forward to celebrating your achievement of them. I'm so glad you're on board with this because I know (and hope) you will contribute your knowledge and experience to the journey for me. Also luuurrrve your motto - fitter by forty! Hehe. I could almost adopt the same one, except it would have to be 'fitter by fif...' errr... on second thoughts, maybe I won't adopt it! Very delighted to have you here, PR. mwa xx