Wednesday, 7 December 2011

the big A

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Have you seen the stuff on telly lately about this guy who made a documentary on his own story back to health called “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”? I went on the website and read his testimonial – great stuff.  He took a couple of mates, a generator and a juicing machine and took off on a road trip to talk to people and do a documentary on his own fight back to health and fitness. 

It’s very motivating reading other people’s stories.  So when I find stuff that motivates me, I take note.  Because I have to keep feeding my white dog Also he had a rare disease which I can’t even pronounce, was on heaps of drugs and now he’s on zero medication!

I think that the guy in the ‘fat sick and nearly dead’ movie probably used doing a movie about himself as his accountability.  There were times when he waited in parking lots, while his mates were inside eating and drinking.  His mates weren’t on the same diet, so things got tough for him at times.

the Big A and Popularity
Accountability has an unfortunate popularity profile because of images of judgment from others, but it’s possible to make it work for you creatively and gently.   

the Big A
One of the reasons I started the ‘eat less move more blog initiative was to keep myself accountable.  Because I need more than knowledge and motivation.  I need some accountability too.  So knowing I am doing something very public that other people are watching helps keep me on track!   

any ideas?
Do you have any creative accountability ideas?  What are they?  I’d love to hear about them.  So leave me a comment.


  1. So what is the drink you made there..looks yummy

  2. You're right, Meegs, it IS yummy. But it sounds weird, let me tell you! It is avocado (!), banana, yoghurt and a tbsp of honey with a little water to loosen it. A good shake of cinnamon on the top finishes it off beautifully. Try it. It is delish.