Thursday, 29 December 2011

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The bathroom scales
Got to get back on track with my health goals.  I’m still too scared to get on the scales since last Friday when I had lost 3.6 kilos towards my overall goal of 8.   Within a day or so I will be brave enough.   Perhaps.
After the tsunami of Christmas treats, pies, rocky road, cake and slice, I can’t wait to get back to good, fresh, Meyles-garden stuff.  

Here’s an example:

Zucchini Cakes With Tzatziki & Fresh Garden Salad
Here we have my fabulous zucchini cakes made with a couple of zucchinis, spring onion, cottage cheese, herbs and cumin.  These are very tasty and go beautifully with the tsatziki (a couple of cucumbers blitzed with greek yoghurt, S&P, cumin.  All served with fresh garden salad and salmon, this made a beautifully satisfying and fresh lunch which gives energy and doesn’t make me feel tired afterwards.

Pickled Cucumber
Yesterday we picked yet another dozen cucumbers.  After giving away a few dozen of these babies, I decided to have a crack at pickling some.  We love the little gherkins you get in a jar from the supermarket.  So let’s hope they turn out something like that.  These have to wait a week before the pickling process does its work before we can taste them.

Peppermint Tea
Finished off with peppermint tea – also grown in our garden.  This can be made using fresh or dried peppermint.  It is the best peppermint tea I’ve ever had – 100 times better than any of that shop-bought rubbish.

Eat well, live long!

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