Monday, 26 December 2011

dunny report

This here is an example of the Christmas presents exchanged at our family gathering yesterday.  The humour and culture within my family really appreciated these – Aussie humour mixed with Christmas themes.  Some of the reactions from my gingerbread dunnies included:

Where did you get these from?  Did you make them?
Yes, we made them.  From scratch.

Where did you get the idea from?
I started to think I’d have a go at making a small A-frame gingerbread house.  But I couldn’t find a pattern on the internet and then Meyles suggested off-handedly that I make a dunny.  This idea delighted us both so we googled Australian dunnies to look at pictures and get some inspiration.

Did you make slabs of gingerbread and cut the pieces from that, or did you have a pattern?
We made the pattern first.  We drew it on paper and cut out the pieces.  Rolling out the pastry, I worked out that once the pieces were cut, it was not wise to move them because they’d change shape.  So it was best to cook them on the paper they’d been rolled and cut out on.  

Meyles also had to make a moon-shaped cut-out tool for the hole in the door.  He made this by rolling and folding a piece of stiff plastic pinched from the cover of some book!  A bit of sticky tape sealed the deal.

What did you use for the toilet roll?
The whole thing sort of developed as it went along.  The toilet roll is the bottom half of a milk bottle lolly.

Is there anything inside the dunny?
Some discussion surrounded whether or not anything was dropped inside the actual dunny itself – a chocolate bullet, for example.  This will remain a mystery to be discovered by the fortunate (or unfortunate) eaters of these babies!

Last bit
I spent ages making these babies, and thoroughly enjoyed the finished product.  And I was delighted with how they were received.  My sister laughed and enjoyed the delight of them and checked out the snakes who were also slithering down the inside of the dunny.

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