Thursday, 22 December 2011

stop quitting

>> This is what I'm going to look like at 100!

I have noticed something that’s reasonably common for those who ultimately fail in their sincere efforts at achieving their health goals.  Not everyone is like this of course.  Like, I’m sure you and I would never do this.  

Most are able to lose weight.  But only for a while.  They can’t seem to make it an ongoing lifestyle thing in order to achieve their ultimate goal.  A bit of stress comes along, or they get busy, or it becomes just too hard.   I could be dead wrong.  And this is just an observation on my part.  It may even occur, that others successfully lose weight for a while, and then after they quit trying so hard, they put all the weight back on again, undoing all the hard work they tried so hard to achieve.  Then they feel bad about themselves.  Awful, in fact.  Like crap.  They quit.   Then they feel worse than before they even started, and eat more, and put on more weight and so the cycle continues. 

So Sherlock, what’s the answer?
Well it’s a closely guarded secret, because surely if it was widely known everybody would have done it by now, right?   Hardly anybody knows this, so listen up people while I wax lyrical on my own opinion on the matter.  As a person who has experienced exactly this scenario for a number of years, and also successfully lost 30kg and maintained it for several years (before allowing a few kilos to creep back on), I am still in a position where I have an opinion on this secret and as readers of the Cardinal Cyn blog, after much soul searching, I have decided to share this with you, my loyal readers.  Ready?

Stop quitting ffs!!!

Now that I’ve shared that secret with you, dear people, I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy and healthy new year.  [pause]

Oh?  You want to know HOW to stop quitting?  Ohhh!  OK that’s easy. The trick is, you just start your healthy lifestyle, right?  And when you fall off the wagon (which I promise you, you will), you just wake up the next day and get back on.  It’s that simple.  If you fall off the wagon 1000 times, get back on 1001.  If you do this for long enough, you will discover two things:

  1. Your new lifestyle starts to feel normal
  2. And when you fall off the wagon, you can’t wait to feel normal again
Bye bye feeling bad about yourself
Bye bye doing yo-yo diets
Bye bye cycling through failure

Hello feeling damned impressed with yourself
Hello new and lasting change
Hello looking so damned sexy you could cry!
Hello to friends and colleagues who can’t stop complimenting you on how freaking good you look

One more thing:  no one fails until they quit.  So it's simple.  Don't.  

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