Friday, 2 March 2012

lunch with a robin

<< This is me ready to go to work on my first day on the job this week. The job is a bit of a drive into the country every day.

>> This pic is just like the bush around the site at work.  Today I saw a huge kangaroo laying down in the grass deep amongst the trees. I could see his ears sticking up.

The job
Technical writing. I will be writing operational manuals for a large industrial organisation. I am part of a great mixed team of people my own age. They all seem smart and intelligent. I am delighted to be part of this team. They are all so friendly and professional. There is a coffee machine in the kitchen and the office has had two morning teas this week already, which consist of heavily laden long tables groaning under the weight of sweet treats, which gave me opportunity to practice a touch of food porn – look but don’t touch!

The best bits
My desk is against a floor-to-ceiling window which has a beautiful bush outlook. The building is situated amongst good old Aussie bush. On my first day I saw a kangaroo, firetail finches, an eastern yellow robin and  superb fairy wrens.

There’s an eastern yellow robin who hops around in the bushes right outside my window all afternoon, arriving at lunchtime each day. So I eat my lunch with a robin every day.

The worst bits
Getting up in the morning for a whole week! I have been so brain-numb from the endless induction and initial training involving lots and lots of safety information. Last night I staggered home, et my tea, and promptly fell asleep on the lounge.


  1. oh yeah! i love food porn! you'd be good at it too Meegs!

  2. congrats on the new job!!! And there's no such thing as a bad evening snoozing on the couch :)

  3. you're dead right about that, Jipster! thanks for the congrats.