Friday, 27 April 2012

get beetrooted

Beetroot is a must have when it comes to: 

  • salad sangas
  • hamburgers
Don't you agree?

Beetroot just adds so much to a salad sanga. It's not a proper salad sanga unless it's got a good dose of beetroot on it, in my opinion. Why would anyone think they can call a sanga 'salad' if it's got no beetroot?  

It just must have beetroot. And the more, the better!  It's about getting beetrooted good and proper. Like. 

I have started ordering my lunch on Fridays lately, instead of taking it from home. And I order salad sangas. Imagine my delight when they arrive with my favourite on them - beetroot! Ho yes.

tuckshop system
This baby costs me $7 and gets made offsite and delivered by lunchtime. The system works like a tuckshop - you write down your order and put your money in the bag. When you collect your lunch, the change is in the bag.

where i eat
This here picture is exactly like where I eat my lunch. I sit in a covered BBQ area that looks into the bush. This sure looks similar to where I work.

Sometimes, staff tell me, a huge goanna wanders up under the chairs looking for morsels (or beetroot, more like).

So folks, I am a total fan of getting beetrooted. How about you? Do you like a good beetrooting like me?

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  1. Thats nice, but please dont do a blog about Pork.