Sunday, 22 April 2012


A weekend has just happened. 

We didn't have anything planned, except to be at home doing homey things, a bit of exercise in the sun and a bit of rest and relaxation.

It was Saturday arvo and we were sitting in the backyard discussing ordinary stuff, when a voice called out to us over the gate, and the top of a bald head appeared. 

Who the heck is that? We said to each other. 

Next minute a couple of familiar and long-time friends let themselves into the backyard carrying their overnight bags, a pillow and basket of food looking for all the world like they had come for the weekend. Which they had.

After the excited exchange of greetings, Meyles and I were also sneaking looks at each other. 
Looks that silently screamed:

  • Holy crap! Did we get the date wrong?
  • They are supposed to be coming NEXT weekend!
  • What's in the fridge? What can we feed them for tea for goodness sake?
  • I'm sure it's next weekend we agreed on.
  • What the hell are we going to do?
After telling them that we were unprepared for their visit but were eager to continue with the 'sudden' new plan, we all had a good laugh and got on with enjoying ourselves.

We relaxed about the fact that their bed was not made up, and I had no idea what to make for them to eat for tea. 

Meyles went down the shop and bought some meat and icecreams. 

The girls chopped vegies in the kitchen. We lit the firepit and sat round it waiting for the stew to cook, talking and laughing at everything enjoying each other's company.

You know what? We had the best time together. Turns out they'd brought breakfast with them for the next day and we scored a beautiful meal. Yes we did. Check this out.

I showed up a day early for a party once and I was so embarrassed. 

Have you ever showed up on the wrong day? How was that? What happened?

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  1. oh, what a surprise! It sounds like you had a lovely impromptu weekend and made the most of it.