Sunday, 24 June 2012

about mick

 It happened on Wednesday, 20th June 2012. He was 58 years old. 

This is what we know.  He was walking down the street in a shopping centre in Melbourne when  he collapsed.  Passers-by called an ambulance which took him to hospital.  He suffered a heart attack and was not able to be revived.  

The hospital went through his phone and found contact numbers of the family. A coroner's report will be provided in due course to identify the cause of death.

In 2008 he was given the 2008 Award for Services from the Australian Philatelic Federal Federation. He played a key role in the leadership of this organisation and was unofficially called the 'pied piper' in recognition of his ability to build rapport with old and young alike.
 The eldest son of 6, he was very neat and clean. He lived frugally and was a big user of Facebook which helped build and maintain his family contacts.  Once the house where he rented an attached flat, burnt down. He lost everything except his precious stamps. 
He could be very motivated. He started and ran his own business which grew from his networks of business contacts where he would assemble furniture and garden equipment for customers.
He was the one within the Meyles clan to initiate and maintain contact. He was keenly interested in family history, family trees and extended family. He visited Holland, where he was born, on several occasions and maintained contact with the rellies there too.

When the coroner's report is available and his body is released from formal processes, further information regarding funeral place/time will be provided.  The family wishes to thank those who have expressed their support via Facebook and other mediums at this time.


  1. He sounds like a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing this with us . A very sad time indeed. Thinking of you I&J xxx

  2. I only met him twice, but he seemed a very gentle and warm bloke. I often asked after him, and admired his "have a go" attitude. Rest in peace, Marinus. MW

  3. Thinking of you and Meyles at this time. Thanks for sharing.
    Carls xx

  4. I'm still in shock, will miss you so much Mick you should have stayed in Tassie my friend..Rest in peace till we meet again.....