Wednesday, 4 July 2012

mick's funeral pics

Ray & Hazel Stanton

Doug Bachelor (ex-Officeworks) & Meyles

Leanne & Hamley Perry, Phillip Stephens

Pallbearers (left):  Ron Meyles, Leigh Stephens, Margaret Fehlberg
Pallbearers (right):  Andrew Meyles, Phillip Stephens, Wim (Bill) Meyles

Margaret, Wim, Ron, Andrew

Mark Robinson & Malcolm Strong
(chidhood neighbours & friends)

Meyles & Doug Batchelor (ex-Officeworks)

Toshius family representative (left)
and Kendra (Ikea, Melbourne)

Sally & John Banks (neighbours & friends)

Carla Schenk - Golden Tulip Patisserie (with Dutch bickies!)

Dean Banks (family friend)

Hamley, Mum Meyles & Ron
Jim Lucas in the background

Michelle Meyles

Margaret Fehlberg & Meyles


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